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Our Services

BIM Consultancy

BIM Consultancy

  • Interpret Project Requirements and Tailor make exclusive BIM Execution Plan

  • Advise Client on the Extent of BIM Process to be Applied

  • BIM project implementation for client e.g. CSD, SEM, ISD, 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D and 6D

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BIM Consultancy

Project Management Consultancy

  • Manages Clients' Projects and provide proposal for improvement in project deliverables

  • Advise and intergrates BIM Process into project management

  • Coordinate between stakeholders for smooth execution of works

BIM Consultancy

Software Training / BIM's IT Setting Up

  • Advise Clients on suitable BIM software for specific tasks.

  • Provide Training on software

  • Setting Up BIM hardware & softwrae on site. (Project or HQ)

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